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Beyond Medications, The underlying Cause of Pain

- Monday, April 21, 2014

What is pain and why do we experience it?

Pain is common and millions of Americans feel some sort of chronic pain in their lifetime. It is the most common feeling or sensation to trigger awareness of an underlying health problem.

The impact that chronic pain has on our lives is enormous and, if left untreated, it can cause severe emotional, physical, social and economic stresses on a person, family and society.

The only issue worse than having chronic pain, is the inappropriate treatment of that pain. All too often, people seek medical treatment for chronic pain, but they leave with more questions than answers. Prescription pain medications too often are used to treat chronic pain, without the direct understanding of what the actual cause of the problem is. Failure to discover the root cause of chronic pain leads to inappropriate treatment and has the potential to worsen underlying medical problems.

One of which is poor sleep quality. Mistreatment of chronic pain with medications, including prescription pain medications, can lead to poor sleep quality. An unfortunate cycle develops where pain leads to poor sleep quality, possible weight gain, irritability and other mood changes. It also may cause nighttime oxygen levels to drop and slow the body’s metabolism.

If prescription pain medications are used for long periods of time, the body will physically change and adapt. Without appropriate medical management, pain medications cannot only inhibit sleep but also worsen pain.

Demand better treatment.

The best advice for patients is to insist on getting a comprehensive pain treatment plan. Patients should request that their doctor provide them with a complete and well-thought out treatment plan intended to solve their painful condition.

For more information on the non-narcotic treatment of pain, contact The Franklin Pain and Wellness Center.