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Can Shoulder Pain Come From Your Neck? -Frankin, MA

- Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Referred pain means that the pain has traveled from your neck to your shoulder. In many cases, the shoulder might not be the problem. While the first 10 degrees of movement in your shoulder is from your shoulder joint, the rest comes from movement above that particular area. Oftentimes, neck and shoulder pain is a result of prolonged poor posture, lifting heavy objects incorrectly, as well as minor falls or injuries. When these irritate the joints in the neck and upper back, it makes the muscles around your shoulders tighten. Suddenly what used to be neck or back pain is now shoulder pain. There are various nerves that come off of the cervical (neck) vertebral bodies that pass down in front of the shoulder heading towards the arm. By irritating these nerves, pain can be referred to the shoulder. Even rotation or tilting of the neck can create shoulder pain if the nerves are involved. If you are experiencing shoulder pain, a pain specialist can determine where the problem originates, and follow up with a specific plan of treatment. For more information contact Franklin Pain and Wellness Center.