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Chronic Pain Can Lead to Sleepless Nights- Franklin, MA

- Thursday, May 08, 2014

Pain is miserable, uncomfortable and chronic pain can be life changing. In addition, the relationship between pain and a poor night’s rest often is parallel. It is important to understand the relationship between healthy pain control and the value of a good night’s rest.

Relationship between pain, sleeplessness

Chronic pain can lead to sleeplessness. It is important to not only address the underlying cause of chronic pain, but also to treat coexisting medical problems.

The average person spends roughly one-third of their life asleep. For the average 40-year-old, that is 13 years. When this state of restoration is disturbed, people will develop a domino effect of health-related issues.

Sleep is important for many reasons including restoration and rejuvenation. However, scientists have found that sleep is a form of energy heat and energy conservation, and this leads to body and brain recuperation.

How do pain and sleep relate to each other?

Sleep and pain create a complex interaction. People who suffer from undertreated or untreated chronic pain have all aspects of their life disrupted. This includes nighttime, when some painful conditions often are worse.

When people sleep poorly, they subsequently live a fatigued and stressed life. For more information, contact Franklin Pain and Wellness Center.