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Degenerative Disc Disease and Being Overweight

- Thursday, July 20, 2017
Comprehensive Pain Management in Franklin, MA

Degenerative disc disease (DDD) can affect any one of us as we age. But it can be especially problematic for people who are overweight.

Your spine is made to help carry your body's weight. It's designed to keep your weight balanced and evenly distributed. Your vertebrae go from smallest to largest: small in your neck (cervical spine) and largest in your low back (lumbar spine). They increase in size because the lower parts of the spine have to support the most weight and therefore need to have the largest vertebrae.

Your intervertebral discs—the cushions in between your vertebrae—increase in size, too. They're thickest in the lumbar spine because they need to absorb and adapt to the most weight.

The spine has such an intricate design, one that hinges on all parts working as they should. However, in degenerative disc disease, parts of your spine change and lose their ability to properly function. Intervertebral discs gradually become less capable of absorbing and cushioning your movements. Joints, such as the facet joints, may then change as they readjust to changes in the disc; they may not move as easily, making it harder for your body to carry and distribute weight.

Extra weight puts extra strain on the spine. If you have DDD and are overweight, then you're stressing and straining your vertebrae and discs even more. The extra weight could even accelerate the degenerative processes because the parts of your spine will have to work harder to carry the extra weight—and the harder they work, the faster they may wear out (degenerate).

A diagnosis of degenerative disc disease could be just the motivation you need to lose extra weight, become more physically active, stop smoking, and or make other lifestyle changes to benefit your spine and general health. Comprehensive Pain Management in Franklin, MA can offer helpful suggestions for treating DDD. For more information, contact us.