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How Bad are High Heels for Your Feet?

- Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Anything for beauty. High heel shoes may look good but for a long time they have had a reputation for causing suffering in those who wear them. However, Cambridge surgeons and scientists have discovered that those gorgeous shoes may not be the only reason middle-aged women develop painful, flat feet.

New research is better understanding the causes of adult-acquired flat feet - a painful condition particularly affecting middle-aged women and often goes undiagnosed however it can be very painful. Enzymes can weaken ankle tendons, causing adult-acquired flat foot and other common conditions such as Achilles tendonitis.

The condition results from the gradual ‘stretching out’ over time of a tendon near the ankle bone – the tibialis posterior tendon – which is the main stabilizer of the foot arch. The study has shown that similar changes also take place in other painful tendon conditions such as Achilles tendonitis. Some believe wearing high heels and standing or walking for long periods may play a role. Known risk factors for the condition include obesity, hypertension and diabetes.

Keeping on the alert for any pain or discomfort can nip more serious problems in the bud. When your feet are in pain, there is no way for your body to be comfortable. Favoring one foot or the other has far reaching effects that can cause issues with your knees, hips and back. For pain treatment for your feet and ankles without the use of narcotics, contact the Franklin Pain and Wellness Center.

The findings have been published in the journal Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases.