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South Kingstown, RI • (401) 234-9677

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Injuries in the Workplace: Pain Management Programs Get Employees Back to Work Safer and Faster – Franklin, MA

- Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Workers comp "benefits" include payments and access to medical care and treatment for employees who are injured on the job. The goal is to get injured workers back into the work force as quickly as possible.

Extended leave for employees with worker’s comp claims costs your business money. Pain management programs for those out on worker’s compensation claims can get employees back to work faster and safer.

Workers' comp is available only for work-related injuries. Back pain is one of the major reasons that employees miss work and back injuries are one of the most common worker’s compensation claims. Chronic back pain in your employees can negatively impact your businesses claims, insurance premiums, and overall costs.

Pain management programs can help patients get pain relief after a work injury. In fact, many work related injuries involve managing chronic pain. Pain management includes diagnosis, regular treatment, and medication.

Franklin Pain and Wellness Center provides a combination of treatment styles that may include one of- or a combination of- local anesthetics, holistic approaches, minimally invasive procedures, clinical treatments, anxiety management, and analgesics. A properly designed pain treatment plan manages pain and gets your employees back to work faster.

The nurses, doctors and anesthesiologists at Franklin Pain and Wellness Center are specifically trained in pain management and work with primary care physicians to establish the best course of treatment.

The unique approach of pain management helps keep your employees safe and reduce workers’ compensation costs. Pain management programs that are integrated with traditional care allow your business to get injured workers back to good health and also help to control expenses.

For more information on pain management for employees on worker’s comp, contact Franklin Pain and Wellness Center.