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mild® Procedure for LSS Increases Mobility

- Friday, February 15, 2013

Lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) is caused by the compression of the nerves in the spinal canal which leads to pain and numbness in the lower back and legs. One effect of LSS is reduced mobility. More than five million Americans suffer from LSS.
Alternative therapies such as mild will be essential to relieving chronic pain and increasing mobility. The mild procedure can also be done in a timely, safe and cost effective way.
The mild® procedure, a minimally-invasive outpatient procedure designed to provide relief to patients suffering from LSS. This treatment is safe and effective over the long term. In fact, in a recent study, the mild procedure was shown to be safe and to alleviate pain and improve mobility over a long period.

Of all the patients studied none stayed in a hospital more than 24 hours and the procedures were completed in about an hour. Additionally, the mild patients did not suffer the kinds of major complications that are associated with other minimally-invasive LSS treatments such as microscopic or endoscopic procedures.

Most importantly, the study showed that the effects of mild are durable. More than 80% of  patients experienced significant improvement in mobility and a reduction in pain. This shows and supports the positive long term effects. Patients also showed improvements in average standing time from 8 minutes to nearly an hour at one year after the mild procedure and an improvement in average walking distance from 246 feet pretreatment to nearly three quarters of a mile at one year after the mild procedure. (Pain Medicine Journal)

For more information on the mild procedure for LSS, contact Franklin Pain and Wellness Center.