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New Treatment for Chronic Pain – Franklin, MA

- Monday, January 16, 2017

Many suffer from chronic pain. What is it? Chronic pain is pain that lasts more than a few months. Some types can’t be cured. But treatment can help you find relief.

How you treat your chronic pain depends on a few factors:

  • How long the pain has lasted
  • How bad it is
  • What's causing it
  • Where you hurt

Treatments have changed a lot over the years. There are more options than ever.

Doctors may use many options together to help you feel better.

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)

RFA targets the nerves that send pain signals to your brain. Your doctor will use a needle with a tip that heats up. The needle is placed very close to the nerve. The heat zaps it so that it can’t send the pain signal.

The treatment helps with many types of pain, including arthritis and neuropathy. Research shows it can also ease lower back and hip pain. It can also help your knee and neck.

A newer type of it, called “cooled RFA,” may offer more precise relief. Research is underway to see if cooled RFA is more effective than the regular kind.

What are the results?

Studies show that the average pain relief for Radiofrequency Ablation is about 15 months and can last up to two years. These results last much longer than steroid injections. Radiofrequency Ablation can provide patients with greater range of motion, lower the need for pain medication and the procedure itself has a very short recovery time.

For more information from experts in RFA, contact Franklin Pain and Wellness Center.