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South Kingstown, RI • (401) 234-9677

New High Tech Lower Back Pain Procedure Comes to Franklin MA, Warwick & South Kingstown RI

MILD© Procedure

The innovative and safe MILD© Procedure is now available at The Franklin Pain and Wellness Center.

It can be difficult to treat pain patients suffering from Lumbar Spinal Stenosis using conservative treatment. Epidural steroid injections and pharmacotherapy have limited efficacy, and may not be a long-term solution. Dr. Boris Shwartzman and Dr. Do Chan are incorporating an innovative alternative into their practice that is helping them to treat symptomatic LSS in a safe and effective way.

The MILD© procedure developed by Vertos Medical is a minimally invasive out-patient procedure that removes small portions of the bone and tissue reducing the pressure on the nerves through a low-risk posterior approach. The portal created to perform the MILD© procedure is only 5.1mm and is performed under local anesthesia or MAC support.

MILD© is FDA approved and has been proven to be safe, effective and has helped to increase mobility. Patients are extremely happy with the results and the clinical studies speak for themselves.


Mild Procedure Chart

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Before MILD Procedure

A specific type of lower spine pain called Lumbar Spinal Stenosis (LSS) is a condition that affects 1.2 million people in the United States annually. As we age, the ligaments and bones outside the spinal canal may thicken and press on the spinal canal causing it to narrow.

This is the phenomenon known as spinal stenosis. Stenosis is Greek for “choking” which describes what happens to the spinal cord. The narrowing or chocking of the spinal cord can compress or pinch nerve tissues resulting in pain, numbness and limited mobility.

After MILD Procedure

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis used to be treated by surgery or pain medications, but thanks to a high tech minimally invasive procedure called MILD© (Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression) thousands of patients are getting relief and walking out of the procedure the same day. Unlike some treatments that temporarily address the symptoms, MILD© effectively addresses the underlying cause of pain and immobility in patients with LSS.

MILD© is an FDA-cleared procedure during which a trained physician inserts specialized tools through a tiny incision the size of a baby aspirin in the back, and removes small pieces of bone and excess ligament that cause the narrowing of the spinal canal. “It’s similar to removing a kink in a drinking straw” explains MILD© trained physician of Franklin, MA, Dr. Do Chan.


The MILD© procedure is performed in less than one hour and patients are able to resume light activities in just a few days. No general anesthesia is required and no implants or stitches are left behind. Linda Cisco, a long time hiking and outdoor enthusiast, started experiencing fatigue during her daily activities.

After the MILD© procedure, she is able to stay on her feet for hours. “I had no stitches or scarring and so little discomfort. Now it’s hard for me to imagine what I can’t do” she says.

Dr. Do Chan and Dr. Boris Shwartzman are trained MILD© physicians in Franklin, MA. Their practice, The Franklin Pain and Wellness Center has been specializing in high tech chronic pain procedures since 2007. “Our goal is to increase mobility in our patients and mitigate or eliminate addictive pain medications from their treatment plan” states Dr. Boris Shwartzman of Franklin, MA. “The MILD© procedure has been a great addition to our practice and we look forward to helping more patients regain their quality of life” he goes on.

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